Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy And Strong

Up until around ten years or so ago, you use to only be able to get your dog's teeth cleaned professionally, or with a dental care kit. These days, you have a huge number of items to choose from that all work differently to help keep their mouths clean and fresh. We will discuss some of the more popular ways to do this below. The old tried and true method is to use a doggie toothbrush and toothpaste from your home. The toothpaste is often flavored to their liking, and it is totally safe for them to use. While this is one of the best possible methods to choose from, it can be rather messy and difficult to do at times. Another tooth cleaning product for dogs is the increasingly popular finger brush. The advantage to using one of these little items is that you can personally get a deep clean in the mouth of any sized dog. The little knobs on the tip of the finger brush allow you to get the most stubborn things left behind off of their teeth, gums, and even tongue. The obvious disadvantage to this apparatus is if the dog decides to bite down on you while you are cleaning. Can you say ouch? There are a couple of different types of sprays and water additives people are turning to more often. Sprays like the Plaque Attack and additives like Dental Fresh are thought to help keep bad breath and dental issues at bay. While they work rather nicely and are completely safe to use, they are not a replacement for a professional cleaning. Doggie dental treats can be a great way to help keep their mouths clean in between professional cleanings. Products such as Greenies and Dentastix are specially designed to help keep plaque and tartar off of your pooch's teeth. This is done through the chewing they do while eating these treats. They work good in moderation, but usually need to be used with other products as well. One final way you can give some dental care to your dog from your own home is to supply him with several different dog toys. There are many dog-approved toys out there that cater to helping them keep their gums and teeth clean. The biggest benefit to using these toys is that your dog will have a blast while getting their clean on. The biggest negative is they have to be replaced if a piece breaks off, and that can add up in terms of money. When you look at it, there are plenty of pros and cons for just about every doggie dental product out there. You know your dog well, so you will know which types of products will work well for him and which will not. If you are unsure, you can always experiment or even ask your veterinarian for recommendations.


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